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Two Senoritas Sarasota
Restaurant Review

Review - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

For details on Two Senoritas, click here.

Arlene + Frank Miracola party of 2 ordered Steak Fajitas + Crab quesadillas and rated the food fair because, "not up to par. Crab quesadillas smelled bad." and writes on 12/5/2009, "We arrived for dinner after seeing the Nutcracker Ballet. We were seated right away and received cocktails right away as well as appetizer. We hardly saw our server again till it was time for the check. (Adriana2)-was her name. I started to eat the quesadillas and the 3rd bite was awful. It smelled bad. It took quite a while to return it as our server vanished. We finally got service from a manager who promptly exchanged the dish for chicken taco salad. Our server did not return to ask if we needed anything (like drinks or water). When we were almost done she came over and asked "was there a problem here before"? Not in a concerned way but sarcastically. She finally brought our bill with some lame reason why the price wasn't adjusted but at that point we wanted to pay and leave. She never came back for the bill and a 2nd manager handled that and sent her back with our receipt. Terrible service. The customer should be treated with respect at all times. We won't be going back for any special occasions any time soon. Obviously her friend outside was more important then her table. While the food has always been very good it can take 1 off entree to change that. Add a careless server and now you have 2 less patrons."
Service Rating: 5
Ambience Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 2
Kid Friendly Rating: 2
Value Rating: 3
Overall Experience: 5
Times At Restaurant: 10

Anonymous party of 2 ordered queso, chimis, burritos and rated the food excellent because, "it is so well prepared" and writes on July 17, 2006, "Wow i read the previous review and we had just the opposite experience. We made sure to go back this trip down because our experience in 05 was so good. This one was too. My only complaint is the food came to close to the queso, would have liked to finish that first. Service was attentive, but not overbearing, food was great, bill was accurate. We'll go back, probably before we leave this trip!"
Service Rating: 1
Ambience Rating: 1
Cleanliness Rating: 1
Value Rating: 1
Overall Experience: 1

Anonymous party of 5 had dinner at Two Senoritas and rated the tacos, fajitas, burritos excellent because, "Food is not too spicy and comes fresh to the table." and writes on April 29, 2006, "This restaurant has a great ambiance. The food is excellent because it comes fresh and does not have so many spices on it as other Mexican restaurants do. We have had our share of waiters and waitress, most are very good, some go the extra mile, which then they get high marks from us to the manager. You can't rate a restaurant on one visit. We like going there because now a days McDonalds is expensive and this place is a little more than fast food, but it's worth it because of the food, service and ambiance. We think it's great. "
Service Rating: 1
Ambience Rating: 1
Wine List Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 2
Kid Friendly Rating: 2
Value Rating: 1
Overall Experience: 1

Anonymous party of 3 had dinner at Two Senoritas and rated the food excellent because, "presentation, flavor" and writes on April 27, 2006, "Was on vacation and was looking for a place to eat, our guest suggested Mexican food as we walked by. Glad we stopped in and had a wonderful meal. The three of us will be back next year with the fourth who could not make it. Great job!!"
Service Rating: 1
Ambience Rating: 1
Wine List Rating: 1
Cleanliness Rating: 1
Kid Friendly Rating: 1
Value Rating: 1
Overall Experience: 1

Roger from Virginia party of 5 had dinner at Two Senoritas and rated the quesadillas poor because, "Cold and bland" and writes on April 16, 2006, "This was my first time in Sarasota and the first time at TWO SENORITAS. Bad food and even worst service makes it the worst experience i have ever had. Not only did they double charge me credit card but our server decided to add her own tip of over 51% onto my check. Do NOT waste your time or money. After speaking to the manager he stated that "things happen" and walked away. The food came out cold and we never got a beverage refill. I am looking to the BBB for assistance."
Service Rating: 5
Ambience Rating: 5
Wine List Rating: 5
Cleanliness Rating: 5
Kid Friendly Rating: 5
Value Rating: 5
Overall Experience: 5

Anonymous party of 4 ordered chili rellenos, fajita plate and rated the food poor because, "we never were served our meal after waiting almost 1 hour" and writes on January 9, 2005, "We were seated immediately and it took 10 minutes for a waitress to come. She got our drinks and took our order and never returned to the table. We waited almost 1 hour and we received no food, nor did the waitress come to the table to tell us that there was a problem. she seemed to have no trouble waiting her other tables. The host at the door refused to take the $3.75 for the beer and told us to waste more time waiting for the waitress. He became combative and said he'd call the police if we walked out on the $3.75 bar tab. It was paid at the bar and we left."


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