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Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar
of Sarasota Review

Review - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

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Anonymous party of 2 had lunch at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar and rated the fried oysters poor because, "extremely dry and tasted like it was fried in last weeks oil." and writes on May 4, 2010, "I researched this restaurant on line and was informed that it has a 5 star rating.
I had a gumbo stew and my wife had New England Clam chowder. My stew was ok by my wife's chowder was not to her liking. We both had fried oyster for our entry and both meals were over cooked and extremely dry.
I do not recall the name of the waiter but his service was good to vr good.
Overall rating for this meal experience was 5 with 5 being lowest.
The waiter did offer us another entry but by this time our taste buds had diminished and my mind told my stomach I was satisfied."
Service Rating: 2
Wine List Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 3
Value Rating: 5
Overall Experience: 5

Anonymous party of 6 had dinner at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar and rated the steamed oysters, shrimp, scallops fair because, "very ordinary for the price. Absolutely nothing special." and writes on July 21, 2009, "We have been going to this restaurant for over 25 years, since it was just a tiny hole in the wall. We always had such wonderful meals there, however, this time it was terrible. The food was just so-so, once it finally came. The wait staff was so slow and unfriendly, the restaurant was hot and uncomfortable. They have turned this into such a tourist trap that I will never go back. We have recommended it to many friends and relatives there when in the area, but no more. We spent over $150.00 on our dinner and it was not worth half that. So disappointing after all the dinners we've enjoyed there."
Service Rating: 5
Ambience Rating: 5
Cleanliness Rating: 4
Value Rating: 5
Overall Experience: 5
Times At Restaurant: 20+

Murray Hynd had dinner at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar and ordered mahi mahi, oysters, lobster, prawns and rated the food excellent because, "Good quality, cooked to perfection, and plenty of it" and writes on 2/2/2009: "In the sunshine state but away from Orlando, opting for the Gulf of Mexico instead of Disney: as in Sarasota. Advised at the airport to use local suntan lotion as its more suited than your European stuff; and its waterproof. We hit the beach and slapped it on (our European *stuff* sat in the luggage). Great thing about US beaches is that you have plenty of room. Fine white sand, sizzling hot day, gentle breeze wafting in from the Gulf - exquisite.
Chilled out reading our books, hit the water once in a while to cool off, re-applying suntan lotion after each dip. Three hours later, a bit parched, and in need of refreshment. Packed up the gear and walked further along to find a small beach bar serving burgers and cold beer on tap; just what the Doctor ordered. Back at the motel later on, after a quick shower.. ohmigod, you are so-o-o burnt. Felt nothing during the day. Only then the skin start to sing. Ouch.
Out to dinner nonetheless - off to Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar, where boats actually do saunter in off the bay, and tie up at the dock outside the restaurant - cool; its not just a name. Seafood restaurant where a boat docks at? - just gotta try it. Looking forward to a huge feast of seafood. Black vinyl seating, oh no... every slight movement tore at sun burnt flesh.
Ok, just relax and concentrate on the food. They have a menu that requires a napkin prior to eating, as it will have you salivating before it arrives on the table. Two dozen oysters, a bucket of monster prawns, mahi-mahi, lobster, french fries, an onion stack and a huge salad. The prices were very reasonable, and we were a little hungry after the day on the beach. The pitcher of Bud helped. I think we even had room for key lime pie. Its amazing what a high-quality meal at a good price will do. Sunburnt flesh on vinyl seating? Didn't feel a thing.
It's now 2009 and we're happy to report that Phillippi Creek is still going strong. Can't wait to go back."
Service Rating: 1
Ambience Rating: 1
Wine List Rating: 2
Cleanliness Rating: 1
Kid Friendly Rating: 2
Value Rating: 1
Overall Experience: 1

Phil party of 4 had dinner at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar and rated the food fair because, "Okay" and writes on March 1, 2008, "seating is extrememly uncomfortable.. as you sit on backless benches."
Service Rating: 4
Ambience Rating: 3
Wine List Rating: 4
Cleanliness Rating: 4
Kid Friendly Rating: 3
Value Rating: 3
Overall Experience: 3

Mandy Worsham rated the food excellent because, "Everything is wonderful!!!" and writes on June 21, 2004, "I rate this restaurant excellent because it is overall a great place. I visit Sarasota every summer from West Virginia and we go to Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar at least 3 times every visit. I ALWAYS get the Gator and the chicken teriyaki sandwich. The drinks are GREAT! Fun bar and a great environment. I have never had a bad experience at Phillippi Creek. And the view of the creek is beautiful!!"

Anonymous rated the food excellent because, "food was excellent and an adequate amount for the money." Anonymous ordered raw oysters, clam chowder, oysters Rockefeller, grouper sandwich, shrimp salad, fried shrimp and writes on 5/8/2004: "It has a pleasant atmosphere and the food is excellent. We met two of our friends from Ft Myers there for lunch. We did the same thing last year with the same couple and another couple (6 of us). We enjoyed the meals both times. We (2 of us) plan on spending a week at Siesta Key in November, and we plan on eating here during our stay. Today was the third time that we have eaten there, and we have enjoyed the meal each time. Would highly recommend it to others. We do not live in the Sarasota area, otherwise we would frequent it more often. (It's about 1 hr 45 min drive from our home) The oysters Rockefeller were excellent. The fried shrimp were of good size and taste. The clam chowder had chunks of potatoes, ham, clams and other ingredients and was thick consistency and tasted great."

Jeff H. visited Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar and ordered alligator and oysters in a bucket and rates the food excellent because, "we had a great experience," and writes, "As a Canadian in Sarasota in February, we wanted a restaurant were we could eat outside. The benches outside gave us the rustic (bit hard) seating but the view was incredible. We chose to eat a meal of many appetizers instead of ordering a meal. This was a good choice for us. Our favorite was the oysters in the bucket. We had to work for our food but we had the time and it was fun. Overall we enjoyed this place. It is not your white linen table cloth restaurant so do not go there if that is what you want. Otherwise it is as I said rustic, fun and good food."

Ed: Bring a seat cushion.

Anonymous party of 6 visited the Oyster Bar on 5/5/2003 and rated the food excellent because, "preparation and taste was great and service great," and writes on 5/14/2003: "Absolutely loved our visit to Phillippi Oyster Bar. We loved the food we ordered and the shrimp were fresh and tasted awesome. Ate some bisque and the flavor was fantastic. The atmosphere was pleasant and our server was cute as a button. Ask for "Jessica" as this was our first time with her as a server and she was fun and entertaining as she took great pride in her job and explaining the food we questioned as she explained she had eaten herself. Great with the kids too."

Anonymous visited the Oyster Bar on 5/6/2003 and rated the food only fair because, "Our meals were very fair, the quality of preparation and taste was disappointing. Parts of the meal were quite greasy and rather bland." Anonymous and a party of 4 ordered lobster, shrimp and grouper and says, "I am a Sarasota local and have been to the Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar restaurant five times, and it had always been OK. However, my opinion of the restaurant went from OK to poor on my fifth visit. The managers, hosts, and many waiters were providing terrible and even downright rude service to customers both at my table and other tables in my area. The food quality was the worst I have ever experienced at the restaurant. I would highly recommend that any tourists or newcomers in the area try one of Sarasota's many other great restaurants. Do not waste your time or money at this establishment."

Todd Verity writes on 3/29/2003: "The atmosphere is excellent, and the owner and managers were on their "A" game. Didn't have to wait long for a table, and the the food was outstanding!"

Irwin Singer writes on 1/4/2003, "The waitress made me feel I was doing here a favor by being there. They throw the food at you. I sat outside-the last bench. It was very uncomfortable for my wife and I. It appears the back to the bench was straight-up and terrible to sit at. This really made our visit to the restaurant our final. The atmosphere and view is fabulous, but the benches can kill your back. The grouper was very good, but the stone crabs were just OK. Sorry, but I just had to tell the truth."

The Lindsay party of 4 dined on Raw Oysters, shrimp and writes on 12/3/2002: "My in-laws discovered this place when they were wintering in the area about 10 years ago. Dad doesn't eat any fish or seafood except cooked oysters, and he lover theirs. Mom loves all seafood, so takes advantage of the variety. My husband can not get enough raw oysters, so we usually visit several times on every trip down. The view from the deck is great, and the value is really a big plus for us. We can eat there several times, without blowing our budget."

Adrienne Hines writes on 10/29/2002: "My husband and I were visiting Casey Key with our twin 1 year old children. We took his parents up Route 41 to Phillippi for lunch and it was a nice, enjoyable, casual lunch. The wooden "picnic" tables were just perfect for a couple dozen oysters, some shrimp and some beer. The fact that the restaurant sits right on the water was perfect for this northerner who gets quite hot in 90 degree weather. I was quite comfortable.
The shrimp could've used a tad more coconut and the French fries were only average. But the oysters were fantastic and the wait staff went out of their way to accommodate an ailing grandfather and two high chairs for the twins."

Carla Birnbaum who says she has been to Phillippi Creek more than 50 times writes on 5/9/2002: "I have been coming to this restaurant since I could walk. We always went for the fresh seafood, especially the steamed muscles. Between my mom, two sisters and myself, I always used to think they would run out of them we ate so many. It provides the perfect "happy hour" with drink and seafood specials. Throughout my life, going to the "Creek" has been a highlight of coming home from college and now visiting my family in Sarasota. Introducing this restaurant to my husband and his family made me realize what a special place the Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar is to me and my family. Even now, I still can't wait to go to this restaurant every time I visit. It is a MUST for anyone who visits Sarasota!"

M.B. Writes: "The first time my friends and I visited was in 1993, on a recommendation from a local dive shop. We were impressed with the beautiful scenery from the deck, as well as the casual "dockside" atmosphere. We all had extremely delicious meals back in '93, and when other friends and I visited in 2000, we had a similarly wonderful dinner. Highly recommended."
Charlie Inman writes: "I just moved to Sarasota and I took my parents out to Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar because I liked the funky Florida style ambience. My family is from Florida so I knew we would all have a good time. I had shrimp tempura and it was great; really crisp. My Dad had the boiled shrimp, awesome, and Mom had the King Crab claws. We all shared and it was great. We split a pitcher of beer to wash it all down. I have found my favorite seafood joint."

E. Tonda writes: "For the 15th consecutive year, our Xmas family reunion always ends up for at least on meal at Philippi's. And each year we swear to never come back again. The service is arrogant to the hilt when you arrive with children and when you add on a person in a wheelchair it reaches levels of terrifying injustice. As if the handicapped person in our party was an embarrassment to the owner of the restaurant. Why do we always go back? Namely because Philippi's has the best seafood in Sarasota. Raw oysters that are always excellent along with their price. Peel and eat shrimp with garlic or spices or butter or just plain boiled which are outstanding and numerous. The grouper sandwich is always great along with the spicy seafood chowder and various other soups. The quality, quantity and prices cannot be met by the other restaurants in town. But...beware. Since they are so popular, I feel the restaurant knows and takes advantage of that. The line is always outside the door and since they don't take reservations a wait is always in our plans. What is not in our plans, and we hope always will change, is the way they treat big parties of people who have specific needs (i.e. highchairs, a chair with a back, two nearby tables so our large party can communicate). I do highly recommend this place to anyone, as it is memorable, but please keep in mind the disadvantages stated above. My sister and husband had a wonderful meal. The next evening we went with 4 children and one handicapped relative and we were treated terribly."

Joy K. writes: "Stuffed grouper was out of this world and huge! The seafood kabobs were skewers of grouper, lobster, and shrimp, marinated in a teriyaki-type sauce, then smothered in crushed pineapple. Both made excellent choices. Their creamy dill salad dressing is outstanding!""



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