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Hob Nob Drive In Restaurant
of Sarasota Review

Review - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

For details on the Hob Nob, click here.

William C. Benedict ordered The chicken sandwich, a salad, and some excellent beer and rated the food excellent because, "as good on this trip as on every trip in the past 30 years." and writes on April 18, 2008, "I first stopped at the Hob Nob in 1978, when it was still out in the boondocks. The drive-in itself has not changed much and neither has the high quality of their food and service. Suzanne sees to that, and the cook's food in never off base. As one of the very few still viable, honest-to-God Drive-Ins in the U.S., the Hob Nob has had a solid place in American cuisine for over fifty years. This retired Cordon Bleu Chef ain't just a'whistlin' Dixie 'bout that. I grew up in the true heart of the Drive-In fed south, with ready access to some of the absolute best Drive-Ins of all time. The Hob Nob, from conception and inception to today, has been and remains one of the very best, and has, in my mind and heart, always rated the fifth star and always will. May they be there another fifty, and maybe fifty more after that. And may they never change... cause they cannot get better than already being amongst the best."
Service Rating: 1
Ambience Rating: 1
Wine List Rating: 1
Cleanliness Rating: 1
Kid Friendly Rating: 1
Value Rating: 1
Overall Experience: 1
Times At Restaurant: 100

Jamie White party of 2 ordered cheeseburger fries shakes and rated the food very good because, "just what we were hoping for in a burger." and writes on April 9, 2008, "Rusty legged counter stools, tables less than a hop skip and a jump from busy route 301, all outdoor seating: this is the Hob Nob. What's the attraction? It's casual, friendly and the food is good. The menu has a variety of items but we were there for the burgers. They were great; very juicy and cooked to perfection. The usual toppings, lettuce, onion and tomato were fine. If I could suggest one improvement it would be to heat the bun. It was quite cold in contrast to the hot burger. The fries were thick crinkle cut, not at all greasy. Though not crispy they were very good. The advertised handmade shake (vanilla) served with a cherry on top, was cold and smooth. Not too thick, so it went up the straw easily. Too easily! I could have ordered another.
The servers are friendly and they work together to provide fast service. Table tops and counters were clean.
It's far from fancy but sometimes its nice to sit and relax and watch the world go by while enjoying a simple but tasty meal."
Service Rating: 2
Ambience Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 2
Kid Friendly Rating: 2
Value Rating: 2
Overall Experience: 2

Bobbie Weller dined on Hob Nob burgers, chili and writes on 11/9/2002 "This is an excellent old time eatery with wonderful breezy outdoor ambience and casual every day American food. The place is very clean with neat picnic tables under a roof. The service is very fast and the waitresses friendly. We ordered burgers, French fries, onion rings, coleslaw and chili and every bite was truly delicious! Hope the Hob Nob stays right where it is in Sarasota for many years to come."



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