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Hana Japanese
Sarasota Restaurant Review

Review - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor
Food 2 Wine 5 Value for $ 4
Service 1 Cleanliness 1 Overall 3
Ambiance 3 Kid Friendly 1 # of Reviews 2

For details on Hana Steak & Sushi, click here.

Anonymous rated the food fair because: "The tempura was terrible and tasted as if it were cooked in another dishes' leftover oil, the sushi was the only saving grace and was excellent." Anonymous ordered Sushi Nigiri and Makimono, Chicken and shrimp Tempura Dinner and writes on 1/26/2004: "Upon entering the Hana Restaurant, I immediately noticed that it was very simple and westernized. Not in the least luxurious, and lacking any ambiance.
The waitress took our order. I had the Salmon and yellowtail Nigiri and the Eel and California rolls. When the waitress finished taking my sushi order, she tossed the pencil across the table. Obviously lacking class.
My guest had the shrimp tempura. They charged an extra 3.00 for him to have 1/2 chicken and 1/2 shrimp. He substituted the standard salad (1.99) with the miso soup (1.99) and was charged an extra 3.00 for that.
Although well displayed, the tempura also came with a very oily fried rice that after one bite, remained pushed to the far side of the table. The tempura tasted of fish and old oil, although the tempura sauce was very good with a bold vinegary zing to it.
The miso soup was wonderful with just the right amount of tofu, seaweed, and soy.
When the sushi came out, there was a mistake on the order, and the waitress didn't hesitate to tell me that it was my fault in a very rude and embarrassing way.
The sushi was delicious and well displayed. The salmon cuts melted in my mouth, and the sushi chef, with his big smile and pleasant attitude made me wish that I had sat at the sushi bar. The sushi was obviously the specialty here.
It is my opinion that if you're looking for a great Sushi bar and you're willing to pay for it, this is the right place. If you are looking for good service, you won't find it here. Our waitress might as well have worked at a deli in the Bronx. The main dish was found wanting and a little pricey, but the sushi was to die for!"

Bert writes on 12/13/2002: "I like bringing business friends to this place, and so did I this time. As usual, the service was very attentive, the sushi very fresh and presented in an appealing way. The special rolls are about the finest sushi you can get in Sarasota, especially the Hana Special Roll and the Hana Great Catch.

This definitely is the best Sushi place in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, I have tried them all and go out of my way to get this kind of quality food.

The owner will greet you personally and his highest priority is seeing you leaving satisfied. So we did."



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