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Fleming's of Sarasota
Restaurant Review

Rating System: - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

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Robbie Smith party of 2 had dinner and rated the food excellent because, "Every morsel was worth it." and writes on October 10, 2006, "We sat down in a quiet mildly lit table near the back with the utmost respect and courtesy. Our waiter properly introduced himself and welcomed us to Flemings; asked if it was our first time or repeat visit, "First time" we said. The menu was about 8 pages long, 7 of which included the wine selection. The last page was for the food items.
I can't exactly remember what we ordered, but it was worth every penny spent. Honestly, that was the most expensive piece of meat that I have ever bought; $50. I hated to eat such a fine work of art, but alas, I did. As an honor to the chef, I stood and placed the bone exactly how it was delivered back on the plate, straight up on it's back.
We elected not to get an appetizer, but the chef brought one out anyway. We wanted to save room for desert. We bought 5 different ones :-)
Every moment of the dining experience was remembered and savored. We highly highly recommend this unique opportunity."
Service Rating: 1
Ambience Rating: 1
Wine List Rating: 1
Cleanliness Rating: 1
Kid Friendly Rating: 5
Value Rating: 1
Overall Experience: 1

Elizabeth rated the food fair because, "The service rating is due to the waiter attempting to rush us. I wasn't expecting a fast food restaurant. We were there to dine." and writes on May 26, 2006, "The service rating is due to the waiter attempting to rush us. I wasn't expecting a fast food restaurant. We were there to dine.
The food was mediocre. There is certainly better food in town at comparable prices.
The biggest disappointment was the fact that Fleming's advertises itself as a "wine bar" and does not have any of the proper glasses for serving wines. I realize Fleming's has the largest "by the glass" selection in the area. However, in the wrong glass, it does not mean anything.
You have some very nice (and expensive) wines by the glass. However, I assume since you claim to be a wine bar, someone in your employ would be familiar with the proper glasses to serve different grapes in.
I ordered a Chardonnay that came in a pinot noir glass. When I asked the waiter if he could serve it in a Chardonnay glass he told me that was the "generic" wine glass for the restaurant. I assume someone there knows the chardonnay grape cannot stand up to such a large glass. I was annoyed that I spent the money for a nice Chardonnay and was not able to appreciate it.
The same thing happened when I ordered a Cabernet Sauvignon. It was served in the same Pinot Noir glass.
Granted, there are a many restaurants that only have one generic glass for their small wine selections. However, their wine lists are limited and they are very inexpensive wines.
If you can't serve wine in the appropriate glass, don't expect people to order a quality wine and don't claim to be a wine bar.
Service Rating: 4
Ambience Rating: 3
Wine List Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 2
Value Rating: 4
Overall Experience: 4




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