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Dino's Pizza on Ringling
Restaurant Review

Rating System: - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

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Erin rated the food at Dino's Pizza on Ringling Blvd on Feb. 27, 2010 as poor because "Salad was wilting, no lactose products were on ice and pizza was hard as a rock like it sat out." and writes: "This is the worst excuse for a restaurant or "buffet" that I have ever been to!
I arrived around 4 pm for late lunch early dinner and was immediately ignored by employees talking right behind the counter. They actually looked at me and went back to talking!
During the ordering our waitress couldn't answer one question about the menu. These were really simple questions like "do you have a white sauce?" or "is there a special today?". She couldn't even tell us how much the buffet was?!? The server made no effort to find out the answers to our questions. She just said "I'm not sure" and expected us to just know what to order regardless. I also don't feel the when a customer asks a server a question about the menu, the server should not look at the customer like they are asking a stupid question. My friend had never been here before and wanted to know about the menu and he felt really shocked by the servers demeanor when she learned she was expected to have the answers?!?
We never got our check, we had to wait and wait and finally walk up to the counter to ask for it. When we got it, it turned out to be a check from a table that was there at 2pm After saying that this was not the right check she got defensive and we had had to argue over a stupid 1.75.
I could have handled this if the cheesy bread wasn't a similar consistency as a dog toy. I would have shrugged it off if we had received some of the condiments that we asked for. If our server had checked on us after bringing out the food. These huge flaws in service made it hard to enjoy the crappy food. Crappy food is a part of daily life for Americans. We accept the crappy food because we are treated well by the staff. This is simply not the case at DINO'S.
The restaurant was empty except for us, the employees and the employees friends who were goofing off with them behind the counter, yet somehow it took 45 minutes for a simple order of cheesy bread to come out of the oven?!? (I only have an hour break to order eat and go back to work, since i ordered from the "lunch" menu i assumed these dishes would be made with a workers lunch break time in mind).
When we ordered my buddy made it very very clear to the server that we DID NOT want garlic and if it was possible to hold the garlic. She said sure yet somehow we still got tons of garlic.
Upon leaving very irritated my friend and I didn't feel that the service or the food deserved a tip. We had to ask for our change back. The server just assumed that we would tip her the change. She pulled our change from the drawer and stuck it right into her pocket! "Can i have my change please?" I asked. "well you have to tip me" she said. WHAT?!? "Is there an automatic gratuity?" I asked. "No" she said "That's just what your supposed to do, you know, to be nice".
WTF!!!! This server wasn't even nice to us, AND she was getting paid to be! After putting my hand out and waiting for her to put my change back into my hand she gave me this nasty look like I was the one being the jerk.
If you want to experience how NOT to dine, check out DINO'S. Don't count on the manager helping you with your issue. These staff members just take the oldest person working and have them pretend to be the manager so the real one never finds out how bad of a job they are doing when he is away. Chances are, that if the manager is hiring people like this to run his store, he's probably not much of a winner himself. I'm sorry but this horrible service stole the show from the food! Dino's food sucks but it took crappy service for me to give them a bad review, and i think that makes all the difference."
Service Rating: 5
Ambience Rating: 5
Wine List Rating: 5
Cleanliness Rating: 5
Kid Friendly Rating: 5
Value Rating: 5
Overall Experience: 5




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