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Captain Curt Restaurant
of Siesta Key Review

Review - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

For details on Captain Curt's Crab & Oyster bar, click here.

Brian & Jandie party of 2 ordered Grouper and rated the food excellent because, "We love seafood" and writes on July 25, 2006, "As it was our first visit to Siesta Key, we didn't know any good places to eat but we saw Captain Curt's and decided to try it. Great service, great food, and to our great surprise....Ohio State stuff!! GO BUCKS!!! We are avid OSU fans!"
Service Rating: 2
Ambience Rating: 3
Wine List Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 2
Kid Friendly Rating: 3
Value Rating: 2
Overall Experience: 1

Don Arenz party of 2 had dinner at Captain Curt and rated the food fair because, "Calamari was as tough as rubber" and writes on January 22, 2005, "I had the sea scallops which were so-so. My wife had an order of Calamari that was over cooked and was as tough as rubber."

Anonymous rates the food very good because, "Varied menu, reasonably priced. Grouper finger basket was wonderful as was the clam chowder!!" And writes on 07/19/04: "I ate at Captain Curt's with my daughter and her family on 7/19/04. The food and service was very good. I especially enjoyed the clam chowder and grouper fingers basket. We vacation on Siesta Key every summer and discovered Captain Curt's 3 years ago and have returned every year since. We also recommend it to other family members and friends. It is also very kid friendly, which is very important as I have 9 grandchildren."

Sarah rates the food excellent because, "Captain Curt's has the best food for the lowest price." and writes on 4/5/2004: "I have been coming to Siesta Key with my family for years now, and we always stop at Captain Curt's our first night in Florida. Our most recent visit was two days ago, and the food is still as great as ever! It is spring break week for us, so it was quite crowded. We had to wait abut 45 minutes but the food is definitely worth the wait. Even though every table in the restaurant was filled, the service was still quick and the staff friendly and effecient. It is also a very kid friendly establishment, where the wait staff takes time to make sure every kid is happy with their meal. I give Captain Curt's an excellent rating, and I will most certainly return!"

An anonymous visitor from Georgia writes on 4/10/2003: "When visiting Siesta Key Florida I highly recommend "Captain Curt's". I am a true seafood lover and cannot eat seafood from grocery chains that are located inland, because the seafood is no longer fresh. This seafood was FRESH out of the ocean (except for snow crab of course). But Captain Curt's did a fabulous job on the snow crab. You know, for all you crab lovers out there, when you snap the leg to pull out the meat in one whole motion that it is heated to perfection. Anyone who eats snow crab knows that there are times when the crabs are over heated and the meat is not tender and you cannot pull it out all in one motion. We visited Captain Curt's twice and both times the snow crabs (a total of 6 pounds) were heated to perfection. The grouper fingers were HUGE!!!!! The boiled seafood platter had plenty of seasoning and was cooked perfectly too. There was only one thing we didn't care for and that was the crab cakes. I think the crab cakes are a house specialty, but you have to like your crab cakes extremely crispy to like theirs, and we don't. But the inside of the crab cake was DELICIOUS."

An anonymous writer says: "Captain Curt's is a great place to go off the beach or for a fun night out in a casual setting, you eat dinner on picnic tables and a roll of paper towels is on the table. The prices are extremely reasonable, so you assume that the portions would be small, or the seafood just OK. But it is just the opposite at captain Curt's. The portions are huge, and the seafood outstanding. We also had ribs, which were great, the beers were cold, and it was a great, casual dinner. We will definitely visit again on our next trip"

Sherri Morrissey writes on 6/2002: "I spend every one of my holidays at Siesta Key (I live in England) which usually ends up being a couple of times a year and as soon as I arrive I always head straight for Captain Curt's. The restaurant is pleasantly casual, the staff are friendly and efficient, the prices are reasonable and the food?!! It's seafood heaven, always fresh and always delicious. I took my parents there on holiday last year and Captain Curt's became our second home, my Dad could not get enough of it, we even managed to get my very fussy sister to have the Snow Crab claws, which happen to be my favorite. I would recommend this establishment to anyone looking for delicious food in a laid back atmosphere."

Michael Holley writes on 7/25/2001: "We recently visited Captain Curt's, and the overall experience was outstanding. I ordered the Grouper dinner and was flabbergasted at the size of the piece of fish I got. It was absolutely delicious! Everyone enjoyed their meal, I give Captain Curt's a 1 for ambiance because it's an old-time, unpretentious place to get a good meal, nothing fancy, priced reasonably."

Lindsey Draper writes, "When visiting my grandparents in Siesta Key, we walked to Captain Curt's because it is a family favorite. My Aunts and Uncle's also enjoy the great service and food at Captain Curt's. Not only does it have great food (crab legs to be exact) but also has great entertainment. My sister (who is 8) enjoyed the Kid's menu just as well as we enjoyed the regular menu. I recommend Captain Curt's to anyone who is visiting anywhere near the Sarasota area."

Alicia writes, "I absolutely love Captain Curt's. I have never had a bad meal or even a burnt item. The atmosphere is casual and friendly. When traveling or dining at other ocean side restaurants, I tend to compare the food to Captain Curt's. As always, Captain Curt's wins hands down. I have even driven 2 hours to have an early dinner there and then a walk on the beach. A great restaurant for a evening after the beach and kids are welcome!"

Anonymous writes, "This restaurant and the food were simply excellent! Granted, this is not quite a 5star gourmet climate, but it is a fun, upbeat, beach pub with consistently superior tasting food and values. The best item on the menu is without a doubt the fried grouper sandwich--they are large, lightly battered, and have an excellent taste and texture (I suggest adding salt). There are other great items to choose from. In addition, you can expect any of your choices, be that crab, shrimp, or whatever it is all good tasting and a wonderful value. Plan to get there early on Friday or Saturday nights as there is often a wait."

Betsy Durbin writes, "We had heard by word of mouth that Captain Curt's was a good place to try on our vacation. The first night we arrived we took the whole family there and had a ball. I had the best crab legs in my entire life! In fact, I had to go back three more times that week to get them again and again. My husband and I also went there three nights to enjoy the entertainment. Again, we were never disappointed. This restaurant will be the first one we visit when we return to Siesta Key."

Joseph Alfieri Writes on 5/2000: "I gave the food at Captain Curt's Crab and Oyster Bar a "Very Good" rating because it was perfect. Although Captain Curt's is not a sit down luxury hall it still provides a great atmosphere for people of all ages. For example while I enjoyed a nice Snapper Cajun Sandwich my youngest daughter who will not eat fish had a nice Cheeseburger. Everyone was happy and pleased. The Fried Oyster Basket which includes French Fries or Onion Rings hit the spot. They were perfect size and prepared just to my sons liking. As our dinner soon came to an end the friendly service at Captain Curt's approached me with a bill that was also tended to my favor. For a great meal and a start to a wonderful evening I still walked out with money in my wallet. That is why Captain Curt's Crab and Oyster Bar received a "Very Good" rating from a dependable customer."



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