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Cosimos Brick Oven Sarasota
Restaurant Review

Rating System: - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

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Anonymous party of 2 had dinner at Cosimo's and rated the Caesar salad, pizza very good because "good, but waiter left restroom without washing hands" and writes on August 5, 2009, "waiter overbearing and aggressively tried to take order too soon. 5 tables occupied and 6 waiters. Caesar salad excellent with great cheese. pizza great.
"I was leaving restroom when a waiter was leaving restroom and he did not wash his hands. he immediately was scooping ice into glasses. This is how germs/diseases are spread. Will I go back again? NO."
Service Rating: 3
Ambience Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 4
Kid Friendly Rating: 4
Value Rating: 3
Overall Experience: 3
Times At Restaurant: 5

Tina Pinho had dinner and ordered Ravioli's with Porcini Mushrooms in a creamy sauce and the Spicy Chicken over Fusilli Pasta and their house salad with the house dressing and Sabayon Desert and rated the food excellent because, "The ingredients are always so fresh!" and writes on August 27, 2006, "My girlfriend Lil and I went to Cosimos last nite for dinner and we wanted the $36.95 summer special dinner for 2 including a bottle of wine. The wine was a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola Rosso which was outstanding. We then both had the house salad with their special vinaigrette dressing, again fresh and excellent. When it came to the entree's we asked our waitress Christina what pasta's this special included and she said "Any past on the menu". So I ordered the Ravioli with the Porcini mushrooms and a wonderful creamy sauce with fresh parmesan cheese. Lid ordered the Spicy chicken over Fusilli pasta. Christina then came back and said she couldn't give me the ravioli's because it was a special that nite and I got really disappointed. I asked for the menu again and I ordered the Shrimp Tuscany over linguini. The next thing I know the Chef "Jeff" comes over to me and says "Were you the lady that ordered the Ravioli?" I said yes and then got confused because the waitress said I couldn't have it. He said to me "I will make you anything you want and if you want the Ravioli with the Porcini I will make it for you right now and apologized for the waitress and and said she did not know but she did mention it to him and that is how he knew. Now I tell you that is going OVER AND BEYOND what a great restaurant does and Cosimos does it best. That is what I call service to your customers. I couldn't stop thanking Jeff and I also thanked Christina for telling him. The dish was magnificent and I was a very happy camper. We then ordered their famous Sabayon with the fresh fruit which is one of our favorites there. That is why I have been to this restaurant so many times and I will continue to go back, bring my friends and family and sing their praises to everyone I know. We are so lucky to have Cosimos here in Sarasota. I recommend it HIGHLY!!!!!"
Service Rating: 2
Ambience Rating: 2
Wine List Rating: 2
Cleanliness Rating: 2
Kid Friendly Rating: 3
Value Rating: 1
Overall Experience: 2




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