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C'est la Vie Downtown
Sarasota Restaurant Review

Review - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

For details on C'est La Vie, click here.

Anonymous party of 2 had brunch at C'est La Vie and rated the food fair because, "egg in the crepe was runny and barely cooked; crepe itself was tough" and writes on January 17, 2007, "The service at this restaurant was poor and management did not seem to care. No apology whatsoever. My friend and I ordered egg dishes for brunch. My friend also ordered a croissant. While waiting for our entrees, the server delivered the croissant in a timely manner, and he said that he would be right back with a basket of bread and butter - he disappeared and the bread/butter never came. After awhile, we had to ask another employee to bring the bread and butter - which she did immediately. After 30 minutes in an uncrowded restaurant we still did not have our food. Our inattentive server finally came out of the back and asked us if we had gotten our food, and he seemed perplexed when we said no. I then saw him walk over to the computer terminal where he seemed to be first entering our order! [Though when I asked him about this later, he denied it. However, he had not taken any additional orders at that point that needed to be entered.] Obviously, the food was rushed out of the kitchen and, subsequently, the egg in the crepe was uncooked and inedible. The waiter later came with the check and remarked that he had taken my crepe off the check (I would have expected that!) and did not charge my friend for the croissant. Off he went!"
Service Rating: 5
Ambience Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 3
Value Rating: -
Overall Experience: 5

Anonymous party of 2 had lunch at C'est La Vie and rated the food excellent because, "The food is consistently good there but the service isn't." and writes on December 27, 2006, "They have great food but the service is far from being satisfactory. Except for an "older" gentleman who, I assume, is the owner, everyone else seems to think that customers are there to do them a favor. The beer prices on the wine list are not respected. They list the beers at less than $3 but sell them to you for $3.50. I mentioned that to them on a previous visit but my comments obviously were ignored. The lock to the men's (dirty) bathroom does not work and I saw people unable to get out of them and having to knock on the door and ask for help. Comical, possibly but unacceptable. Even by French standards. The "minettes", i.e. young waitresses, have an obvious attitude problem and spend more time talking to one another than caring about the customers. This restaurant has great food and is in a superb location. without the latter, it would be out of business. It doesn't cost anything to be pleasant. And it pays..."
Service Rating: 5
Ambience Rating: 3
Wine List Rating: 4
Cleanliness Rating: 4
Kid Friendly Rating: 4
Value Rating: 1
Overall Experience: 3

Anonymous party of 4 had lunch and ordered Soup, salad, omlete, pastries and rated the food good because, "Food was good but spoiled by surly waitress and long wait" and writes on August 1, 2006, "Would not go back no matter how good or authentic the food is because of unpleasant help. Also, very crowded with long, long waits for food, drinks or anything or anyone to show up to check on us. Don't ask for something they forget to bring or you'll get your head chewed off. When we asked not to pay for the soup that never arrived, the cashier chewed our heads off, too. Simply too many unpleasant people working here."
Service Rating: 5
Ambience Rating: 5
Wine List Rating: 4
Cleanliness Rating: 3
Kid Friendly Rating: 5
Value Rating: 5
Overall Experience: 5

Anonymous had brunch and rated the food excellent because, "the crepes were the best I've ever tasted in Florida." and writes on 7/2005: "A friend and I went to C'est La Vie for brunch on a Saturday afternoon. It was busy, as I can now understand why. The food was delicious and appropriately prepared. It was the most authentic French meal I have enjoyed in Sarasota. The crepes were divine...and the waitstaff was charming. My only disappointment is that they are not open for dinner on most days!"

Rebecca Martin has visited C'est la Vie often and rates the food very good because, "Authentic French Cuisine" and writes on 10/28/04: "I rate the food at C'est la Vie very good because it's quite authentic French cuisine. I have brunch there often and have had dinner there once. Their dinner entrees are excellent, but the sides are very small and not very good at all. The outside seating is right on the street and pleasant if you go early enough when there aren't a lot of cars going by. The overall ambience is relaxed and charming with local artwork and mosaic tiles."

Anonymous  writes on 1/25/2004: "The food here is authentic French, as are most of the employees, and is admittedly good. However, I have trouble enjoying a meal when the employees are so rude and disagreeable. Our waitress acted put out that she had to wait on us. It took forever to get our food and when we questioned our server, she called over another lady who proceeded to snarl at us, as if our request were unreasonable. We would never go back under any circumstances. These people do not deserve return customers (and apparently don't care.) "




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