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Bonefish Grill Sarasota Restaurant Review

Review - 1=Excellent - 2=Very Good - 3=Good 4=Fair 5=Poor

For details on Bonefish Grill, click here.

Dr. Dupont party of 2 had dinner at the Bonefish Grill on the South Trail in Sarasota and rated the Bang Bang Shrimp excellent because, "thoroughly enjoyed it and always do" and writes on December 23, 2006, "The food is always top notch. There is usually a nice crowd there, which makes it a nice place to go if you want to meet people or do not feel like being alone. However, it does make it noisy. The service is on the inattentive side due to it being so busy. The prices are on the moderate to high side, but not outrageous. In the last year or so they eliminated one side dish and threw in a small portion of some relish, which was an insulting and disappointing thing to have done, keeping the prices the same. Whatever you do order you can always expect it to taste excellent. All in all it is one of my favorite restaurants to eat at."
Service Rating: 4
Ambience Rating: 3
Wine List Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 1
Value Rating: 4

Dee Mccaffery party of 2 had dinner at the Bonefish Grill on University Parkway and rated the Monkfish special and Seared Shrimp & Scallops very good because, "it was well prepared, succulent and tasty!" and writes on November 8, 2006, "First time here and highly impressed with the knowledgeable, friendly and pro staff who had long memories for extensive details on each dish and ingredient.
Being a Saturday night, the restaurant was fairly busy although we had reservations and waited only a short time, hitting the bar for a few minutes.
Unfortunately, the main dining room tables are packed so tightly together to get people in that the volume of speech was at a low roar. We had to repeat ourselves to each other at uncomfortable levels not friendly to an intimate meal.
Also, when a family arrived with an infant (at 9:30 p.m.), its carrier was placed between our tables, yet the space between us was so small that it then connected us. Good thing the baby was sleeping!
Had we been in NYC and not Sarasota FL I wouldn't have minded.
On another note, my partner is a bodybuilder who eats mass quantities of (healthy) food, so asked for entrees that were generous. Strangely, the server didn't steer him from the skewered Shrimp & scallops which were barely appetizer size! He adored the dish, but was still very hungry (so finished my oversized and tender monkfish special).
The Crème brûlée was divine too!
Just don't plan on a romantic evening in such a busy and noisy atmosphere."
Service Rating: 1
Ambience Rating: 5
Wine List Rating: 3
Cleanliness Rating: 1
Kid Friendly Rating: 5
Value Rating: 4
Overall Experience: 3

The following is a review of the Bonefish Grill on University Pkwy. in Bradenton.
Bev M. party of 3 ordered Tuna, Stuffed Grouper and rated the food excellent and writes on February 11, 2005, "Starting with the smell and ending with the taste buds, Bonefish Grill has been an outstanding experience on all three of our recent visits. My husband ordered rare tuna and it was perfectly cooked and seasoned. I ordered the stuffed grouper and the delicate sauce was a complete delight.
The service was outstanding, friendly and personal. Although it's always very busy, the staff never acts hurried or rushed.
I highly recommend this restaurant! And it's one of the few that takes reservations."

Kevin Cotton ordered Flounder, steak, scallops, lobster and rated the food excellent because, "high quality, presented professionally, served hot and promptly" and writes on 8/2004: "As one of the UK's leading consumer experts and columnist, I'm fussy where I shop, spend my money and where I take my family eat out - more so when on holiday.
If I could pick up the Bonefish restaurant, bring it to my local city, staff it with smiling Sarasotans and be assured of quality fresh ingredients as the sunshine state always has, I would do - for this has to be perhaps one of the finest restaurants I have ever had the pleasure to eat in.
Split into two with an eating area to one side and a waiting/side bar to the other, the place an a lively, buzzing atmosphere all about it and whilst you do wait that short while until your table is ready, the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen area start to liven the senses.
The staff must be hand-picked and are extremely well trained because each possessed an efficiency and politeness of service completely missing in the UK. Nothing was too much trouble and the customer was made to feel individually the most important person in the room. each tip given was well earned and given with pleasure.
The menu was fresh, innovative and creative - and what was served on the plate matched the expectation presented on the menu. each dish was both stunning in presentation and exquisitely delicious.
I will not wax lyrical about the individual dishes that we ate - suffice it to say that we chose to come back to eat there four times during our 14-night stay and each time we left with smiles on our faces and full stomachs.
If Bonefish is representative of the people, cuisine and culture of Floridian dining, book me on the next plane out - a one way ticket please!"

Jennifer Lucus rates the food excellent because, "the combination of creative flavors gave every dish flare." And writes on 11/7/03: "I thoroughly enjoyed Bonefish Grill. We went on a weeknight and it was a full house. Despite every table being full it did not feel "crowded". Our servers were very helpful with suggestions and details about the flavor and texture of each fish. I ordered the Swordfish special- grilled swordfish with a very strong, creamy cheese, sautéed spinach, and a rich sauce. I am not normally a fish eater, (I order fish maybe 3 times a year) and) I fell in love. The entire dish was rich, elegant, well presented and colorful. The portions did not appear large, but there was more than enough and I was certainly full at the end of the meal. It came with a choice of salad, I chose the Caesar which was excellent, my friends all chose the house salad and raved about it. I also chose the gratin potato's- a chunky potato version- also very rich and excellent. One of the other girls ordered a grilled salmon special- I tried it and was impressed by the sweet hickory flavor. Topped with sun dried tomato's and feta cheese, this fish was also rich and creative. We are going back tonight, mostly because I love the way they offer 3 or 4 ways to have your fish prepared, and then 12 to 15 ways to have it presented (different ingredients for sauces and toppings) and I can't wait to try some more! They also offer chicken, pork and steak for those who are not fish eaters, but even if you have really never liked fish- this is one place to just go for it and order something new!
P.S. The bill could have been significantly lower- but was a bit high (includes tip) because of the 6 glasses of wine and the 3 martini's- also a must try- worth every penny!"

Donna L. rated the food at Bonefish very good because, "Imaginative preparations, great presentation, nice variety." The party of 4 ordered Grouper, Ahi Tuna and writes on 7/9/03: "Had noticed the Bonefish Grill on the South Trail was always jammin'. So we tried it. It was a wonderful dinner. The bartender was extremely professional. The service overall was top-notch. You don't always expect that in Florida! The music selection was very pleasant, too. Our food was not outstanding but very enjoyable. The preparation is imaginative and the presentation is lovely. The atmosphere is charming. We will most certainly be returning here."

Mark Lawson writes on 1/12/2003: "This Restaurant was everything you look for in a restaurant and more. First, the service is first class. Our server (Ashley) was both knowledgeable and out going. She greeted us with a friendly smile and made us very comfortable. The food was excellent. I have eaten at five star restaurants before and this one ranks along side them all. We never had to ask for a thing, they anticipated our every need. The Chilian sea bass was prepared with the utmost of care and would melt in your mouth. I highly recommend Bone Fish to everyone.."

Ramiro Ramirez had dinner at the Sarasota Bonefish Grill and writes on 12/6/2003: "Looking for a good seafood restaurant, we happened onto the Bonefish...simply the best appetizer, salad, main coarse I ever enjoyed. I had the Spicy Rock Shrimp (app) and Grouper Picatta while my my boss raved about the Mussels Josephine all night. Making the food even better was the overall presentation of our meals and the outstanding service we received by an always smiling and pleasant young lady. She even told us the history of Bonefish...she obviously likes her job...and it shows!"



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