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It's been eight years since their inception and five years since their incredible, continuing run began at the historic Gator Club in downtown Sarasota, but night after night, Eclipse just keeps on packing them in. And now the rest of the world is discovering what Sarasota has known for a very long time. This group of four men has what it takes to excite even the most demanding listening and dancing crowds. Employing a tasteful blend of R & B, funk, Latin, reggae and dance music, Eclipse lifts their audience out of their seats and onto the dance floor with their high energy, non-stop show. They create a romantic mood for the "lovers in the house" with their slow dance repertoire of well-known favorites, and they thrill listening audiences with her jazz virtuosity and tasteful renditions of time tested covers and originals from their CD 4 The People, released in March, 1996.

Though Eclipse's live show features mostly cover songs of well known musical artists, they do perform a number of original compositions from their CD, 4 the People, released in March 1996. 4 The People - Copyright 1996 Eclipse
The CD features 12 original songs and has received radio play on WISP 98.7 (Sarasota), WLOQ 103.1 (Winter Park) and WSJT 94.1 (St. Pete/Tampa). Public reaction has been excellent and sales have been brisk.
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Joel Atkins started Eclipse in 1990. Buster Coles has been with Joel from the start, following stints with Ray Charles and Bo Diddely. His incredible versatility and jazzy, funky guitar style are the trademarks of the Eclipse sound and his soulful vocals add variety to a band which features four lead singers. Doc Mambo, on board for over two years now, lays down that fat bass line and provides the band with a strong Latin influence and a devotion to the blues, evident in his singing and writing and fun loving stage persona. A veteran of the road, Doc comes to Eclipse after working out with Chick Willis, Sarasota Slim and Lucky Peterson. Bruce Wallace on keyboards and vocals. His classical piano training, studio savvy and far reaching experience in R"B and rock bring a sophistication to the band and his ability to transform his keyboard into a grand piano, Hammond organ, horn section or string section both fill and expand the total sound of eclipse.

(left to right) Bruce, Buster, Linelle, and Doc



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